Sen. Valencia Seay Receives 2015 Award for Legislative Advocacy from the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council

ATLANTA (November 5, 2015) | Last week, State Senator Valencia Seay (D-Riverdale) was awarded the 2015 Award for Legislative Advocacy by the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council (GHRAC). She was chosen for this distinguished honor in recognition of Senate Bill 274, which promotes the history of Georgia agriculture within the Capitol Museum at the Georgia State Capitol.

“As a life–long Georgian, I understand the profound impact agribusiness has had not only on our economy but on our culture and way of life,” said Sen. Seay.  “I’m honored the Council recognized Senate Bill 274 and the significant contribution it brought to the Capitol Museum. I would like to thank all of those who continue to support keeping Georgia’s storied history intact for future generations.”

Sen. Seay received the honor during an awards ceremony held at the Georgia Archives and was joined by other award recipients, state officials, GHRAC members, and Archive staff. GHRAC established the Archives Awards Program in 2003 to recognize outstanding efforts in archives and records programs in Georgia. The council is charged with supporting efforts to improve the condition of records state wide and to promote the educational use of Georgia’s documentary heritage.

SB 274, signed into law in 2014, requires certain areas within the Capitol Museum to be dedicated to the history of agriculture. The Capitol Arts Standards Commission, in cooperation with the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and the Commission on the Preservation of the State Capitol, allocated these areas to display artifacts related to agriculture in Georgia.

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